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Privacy Policies

I create a lot of random little projects here and there and quite often they require a privacy policy so here they are:

"Quipp" Browser Extension Privacy Policy

Quipp has its own privacy policy page on the Quipp.net website so you can go there and read it: https://www.quipp.net/privacy.

"Welcome To The Internet" Browser Extension Privacy Policy

Welcome To The Internet is a browser extension available on chrome: link to store once page is up.

The Extension simply swaps out your browsers 'new tab' screen with a fulwidth embedded youtube video of Bo Burnhams "Welcome to the internet" video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1BneeJTDcU).

Since it loads in content from youtube that means it is subject to YouTube's (Google's) privacy policy.

That's all it does. It doesn't send any data to any databases or record anything about you (unless youtube is doing that as a result of the embedded iFrame, which they probably are so go read their policies if that makes you nervous).

Don't forget to check out my github!

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