Abraham Brookes

Cairns based developer


Cairns, QLD, Australia

Past projects


An android app that controls the color of your home lighting to match the time of day, in order to help you sleep.

Running on a webserver and controlling LIFX bulbs, this app used your wi-fi connection to send commands using LIFX's RESTful API.

Languages: PHP, SQL, Javascript, HTML/CSS
Platforms: Web, Android
Website: www.brookesy.dev/redlamp


A commission-share, white label, travel booking app.

Integrating directly with reservation software APIs for live availability and realtime booking, iConcierge offers commission share tour bookings to hotels in the Cairns region.

A fully featured platform including local restaurant listings, Local experiences and an interactive map (Mapbox). Also installed on touchscreen kiosks.

Languages: PHP, SQL, Javascript, HTML/CSS
Platforms: Web, mobile, kiosk
Website: www.iconcierge.net.au
More: www.itourism.com.au/iconcierge

Hey YOU! Shoot those balloons!

A one-swipe mobile game where you control a little ballista on top of a tower to shoot encroaching enemy balloons.

Built on Unity3D and soon available on android, HYSTB is a side project of mine.

Languages: C#
Software: Unity3D, Blender3D