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Websites, Apps, Miscellaneous Nerdwork


Simple rates for easy web design.

I focus on creating all aspects of your website so that you don't have to think about any of it. Simply select a plan below and fill out some details about your business. I'll get in touch with you within the next couple of days to smooth out the finer points and then get to work on your site. You can expect to have your website ready within a month.


Add extra features to your website to get the most out of your online presence.


A day with a camera

Icons and diagrams only go so far. Photos ground your website in reality and introduce you personally to your online customers.

Purchase the photography upgrade and we'll organise a day to gather professional photographs of you and your business, to bring your website to life.


Charged per campaign

Are you on google? Do you advertise through facebook? An effective advertising campaign can give your business a boost.

I can run the campaign from start to finish, or I can set you up and teach you the controls. Running your own ads seems daunting, but it's fun once you get going.


Monthly updates

Track all actions on your website, find out who is visiting your site and what they do there. Gain valuable insights into your visitors and convert them to customers.

The analytics package gives you access to powerful site tracking data. You'll get a monthly report on your website performance including charts, trends and customer profiles.



Don't bother with setting up your own webspace and configuring servers. You want a website, not a headache.

I'll host your site on my webspace (hosted through Web24) if you chip in for the hosting fees.

Product listing

Charged per batch

Launching an online store or selling through an online platform like Ebay? I can create your product listings for you and populate your web shop.

Let me do the legwork so that you can get up and running.