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Websites, Apps, Miscellaneous Nerdwork

Hi, I'm Abraham Brookes

I'm a tech head,
programmer, 3D artist,
automator, advertiser,
game maker, app builder
and all around nerd.

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"What about online advertising?"

It's not the beast it used to be

Boost your traffic

Advertising is all about getting more eyes on your products. Driving customers to your page is essential for online growth.

Cross platform

Over 90% of ad clicks are from mobile devices. It's very important to have an online presence that looks good on all screens.

Tools and skills

It's really not as bad as you think. I help small businesses wrap their heads around advertising so they can manage their own campaigns with minimal input.

Online advertising for small local businesses is a low cost project with huge potential for ROI. It's also totally manageable as a business owner to run your own campaigns once you know the ropes. I want to take the scary out of the whole process.

Within one weekend we can have your first ad up and running and getting clicks. I run you through the whole process and you learn by doing. Once we're done you have all the tools you need to research and run your own campaigns when you want, how you want.

Or easier still, allow me to run the campaign from start to finish and provide you with the relevant information you need in order to make decisions without getting involved in the nitty gritty.

It's like odd jobs, for the digital era

Mobile app design and development

My two latest apps:

RedLamp is an app that uses wi-fi connected light bulbs to influence your sleep pattern. Automate your circadian rhythm with the power of the Internet of Things.


Mining Roster Planner is an app for FIFO and DIDO workers to figure out their shifts. Quick and easy presets and full customisability combined with at-a-glance simplicity.

3D stuff!

Archviz, 3d media, animation, game assets